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Dentist Jobs Australia

Dentist Jobs

Dentist Jobs Australia is an online resource for people who are looking to start, grow or advance in their careers.

Discover dental careers in Australia

Dentist Jobs Australia is an online resource for people who are looking to start, grow, or advance in their careers. They focus exclusively on dental industry opportunities and keep up to date with market needs and wants. They saw a gap in the market and we stepped in.




UI/UX Designer
Visual Designer
Web Developer
Two dentists working
The Challenge

Provide an online resource for people looking for dental careers

The number of registered dental professionals in Australia have grown over 3% from 2017 to 23,000 individuals in 2018. With this, now has never been a better time to create a platform where dental professionals can look for an advance in their careers. Dentist Jobs Australia aims to help these dental professionals to look for a perfect role. They understand the value of loving what you do and where you work.

The Solution

A job portal for dental professionals

We have created an online resource for dental professionals where they can look and search for new job opportunities. The goal of the job portal is for them to look for a career where they can start and grow. We have established a robust style guide to ease the future design and development of the website. Moreover, our goal was to make sure that the website has an easy and intuitive user experience.

A preview of Dentist Jobs Australia website
The Process


Writing user flows helped us to flesh out the details of the stories. This allowed us to have an overview of how the user will interact with the website. Also, this helped us to focus more on planning the flow of the website rather than thinking of the visuals.

Wireframe of the website


At this point, we already have an idea of how the website will run. Wireframing helped us visualize the required interfaces for the job portal. This allowed us to fine-tune all the interactions and transitions that the website will have to go through.

Visual Design

The design shows the professionalism of the brand but we also wanted to make it friendly and approachable. We chose shades of blue since it can be strong and steadfast, yet light and friendly. It also symbolizes sincerity to represent the brand’s goal of helping dental professionals advance in their careers.

Illustration System

We wanted the system to strike the balance between being professional and being friendly.  The system is composed of 3 levels of illustrations, from basic system icons to a more detailed and more functional.

Illustrations used for the website
A preview of the design library

UI/UX Design & Prototyping

We proposed initial mockups and prototypes, very early in the development process. These screens and mockups would serve as the guide for the development of the website.

Style Guide

We developed a style guide to ensure consistency as the job portal finishes development. Style guides make designing and development simple and more efficient, especially when creating new pages.

A preview of the design library


Webflow, a no-code website builder, was used for the development. Webflow is an efficient tool for cutting the development time and for building the website faster. Moreover, this allows designers, like me, to do the development without much coding and much help from web developers.

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